How to make a mod for Minecraft?

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To make a modification yourself, you need to have at least basic information in the field of programming with the help of special applications. Mod can be made for jogos de Minecraft using the API and without it. API - a universal program that is intended for programming all sorts of utilities. Such a program will allow you to interact with ready-made functions, classes, structures.

Minecraft Forge - the most famous library for Minecraft mods creating.

Preparing to create a mod

  • Download the latest version of JAVA;
  • Install the JAVA SE Development Kit;
  • Find and download the Eclipse IDE for JAVA Developer on your computer. We take a copy of it and put it on the desktop;
  • Download Minecraft Forge and create an empty desktop folder;
  • Create a new folder on the desktop. After Eclipse starts, specify the created folder in the workspace role.

Creating mood

  • Create a base file, specify the name, version of the mod, ID;
  • Create a block and drop;
  • We generate blocks;
  • We make versatile structures;
  • Create a multi-block structure;
  • We manufacture items, instruments, tools.

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