Dunkirk - Survive and return home

28. července 2017 v 14:52 |  Movies

When Christopher Nolan announced that his next film would touch upon the theme of the Second World War, it was a small surprise. Refers to the director can be different, but it seemed that the puzzlement of his films to put it mildly not very suitable for the genre of war movies, which has long established its rules of good taste. But Nolan would not be Nolan if he followed these rules, and eventually took off a completely atypical military canvas, not forgetting to add there puzzles.

The film tells about one of the most controversial moments in the history of the British army - four hundred thousand people are desperate to get out of the environment and get to the other side of the Channel, home, to Britain. They are hindered by the ubiquitous and invisible Germans, bad weather, chaos and British command.

This is a very good, sometimes breathtakingly beautiful movie with impeccable staging and very important idea, which is best illustrated by the quotation of Tyrion Lannister from the novels of George Martin: "Death is final and brings a terrible result, while life is full of innumerable possibilities." Therefore, surviving in war and returning to their homeland is a feat.

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