Friv Games Can Benefit Health

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Friv games are part of a fairly ambitious entertainment that for a long history from simple arcade entertainment to complex and complex games. Today we can say that online game players are truly global phenomena. According to statistics, every fourth online user plays online games. Communities of players are filled with people of different sexes and ages, and today in every corner of the planet you can find people who can spend their time on online games. And as it happens with every phenomenon, we have one important question - are online games healthy? Well, it seems they are more healthy than most people think.

Development of memory and increase cognitive abilities

Different games to solve problems and puzzles that can increase our brain functions have always been good tools, but if you find the right game, you will have a normal tool for your brain. Puzzles, strategy games and simple games are very pleasant and simple fun, but they give you a lot of problems that your brains will train. That's why today many people, from children to adults, play various complex games, trying to orient their memory and responsiveness.

Sample Sites:

This is a particularly urgent problem for adults, because usually adults use only one part of their brain and do not use other parts. But playing online games is a tool for developing memory, reasoning, logic, speed and other important skills. According to various studies, games such as logic, trivia, memory and puzzle games could help you avoid dementia and forgetfulness that can come with age. The more parts of the brain are used, the more advantages a person has now and how he grows from year to year.

But this difficult task is useful for children. Their cognitive development can be much better improved as they develop in these games. For many teenagers, skills such as logic and reasoning can be quite complex tasks, even if they do not have problems with speed and memory. And as long as the game does not become a part of childhood for most children, it's good to use online games as an alternative to physical games in order to achieve the necessary balance between different skills.

Woobies Winter Walkthrough

6. července 2018 v 13:29 |  Walkthrough

Winter edition of the popular bubble shooter game! We shoot from the slingshot into a cluster of fluffy Woobies, that they would disappear from the screen. Woobies Winter game is available to play online.

Tanki Online Game Walkthrough

3. května 2018 v 22:49 |  Walkthrough

In this video, you can see the gameplay of Tanki Online game, to understand how to play it, learn some secrets or simply relax. Enjoy this!

How to install a Minecraft Map

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On the Internet, there is a large number of different cards for Maincraft game. In fact, these are special files with the preservation of all the content. There are all the buildings that were made by the user. Download maps for juegos de minecraft now is not a problem, because many sites provide this opportunity. However, users often ask questions about how to install a Maincraft map on their computer. Many people think that it is very difficult and long, but they are mistaken. Let me tell you in detail about the installation. Read the instructions carefully. This will take you no more than 5 minutes.

Instructions for installing the map on your computer

  • Download the map on any site devoted to the topic of maincraft. Also, take into account the fact that some versions of cards are different among themselves, and therefore the system can issue the message "Conversion required". Do not pay attention to it.
  • Let's say that you already have a map. They are usually packed in a special archive to reduce the file size. Unzip the downloaded file. You will have a new folder on your desktop or local drive, depending on the selected directory.
  • Now you need to go to the maincrypt folder to copy the downloaded map. The path looks like this: "C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Application Data\.minecraft". I draw your attention: If you use not official launchers, then instead of the .minecraft folder you will have something different. Usually there the name of the project or launcher is prescribed.
  • Now find the folder called saves. In this catalog, all the catalogs of the Maincraft maps are stored. What do you need to do now? It is enough to copy the unzipped folder to this directory and close it. Now launch the launcher and go to the "Single game". There, your downloaded map will appear in the directory. Double-click the left mouse button to open the selected map. In a few seconds, the map will start, which you downloaded on the Internet.
Despite the fact that this article has written so much text, the card is copied into the folder in a few simple steps. Having done such steps once, in the future you will not have problems with copying cards to your computer. In general, we can say that installing a map for minecraft is not at all difficult.

Games for Logical Thinking

16. února 2018 v 0:42 |  Games

Avoiding tasks to develop the mind, a person loses many bonuses. This is the promised danger. Without exercise, a good memory, steady attention, adequate thinking and a creative approach to life gradually degrade. This can be avoided by training the brain. And do not solve mathematical examples, when you can just play! Passion transforms didactic work into a pleasant process. Preschool children can draw pictures and cubes. For children 10 years old the simplest version of the puzzle on Friv 2 games website. Adults also prefer quests, sudoku, desktop hits like "Monopoly", danets and online strategies. Below we will talk about the game options in more detail.

Why do we need it?

A few words about the not obvious bonuses of intellectual entertainment.
  • Exercise logic, you will notice that you have become more effective in making decisions, because the brain is already grounded in the analysis of game problems.
  • Problems for the mind require an objective understanding of the situation. We get used to pounce on the problem with a sporting passion. And such tactics are easily transferred to real life!
  • Puzzles teach you to reject patterned thinking, develop creativity and creativity.
  • Strategies form the habit of planning. And if you are successful in strategies, then the ability to build their actions and keep in mind all the most important is already inscribed in the list of your strengths.
  • Detective chips awake in us penetrating detectives. The desire to comprehend the motivation of the heroes and unravel the tangle of events develops interest in psychology and the ability to see the situation from the side.
  • Do not forget about chess, where you need attention and tactical calculation for many moves forward! This is a wonderful ground for both training purposefulness, and the ability to calculate options. What can I say - a classic.
  • Logic lives by arguments. Developing it, you will be able to defend your opinion, relying on competent arguments.
  • Intellectual entertainment makes you more educated personality, which is appreciated in any professional field.

Wonder Wheel Review

16. února 2018 v 0:25 |  Movies

Ginny is no longer young, in her life there were a lot of dark spots, disappointments and sadness. Not conducive to joy and a second marriage with a man who likes to drink and disappears on days fishing. Mutual understanding between them is becoming less, but in any hopeless darkness, sooner or later there will be a spark of light. For Ginny, this is the hope of the young playwright Mickey, a guy with a difficult psychology, looking for complex topics and reasoning about them with the wisdom of an adult, even though he can live even until his middle age.

Woody Allen again returns to New York to remind this city of his love for his streets, parks, skyscrapers and people. The action "Wheels of Wonders" is mostly spread out over Coney Island, where the amusement park is located. It would seem, well, how can you mourn within this marvelous place, but look at what Allen shows us and you will understand everything. Only getting inside this rainbow place and having been there without going out for several days, weeks, months can understand that human fates are too complicated. And that they need to transform something more than a trip, say, on a roller coaster.

The director was very lucky with the actors who decided to play along with him in the new robot. The audience's sympathy prize goes to Kate Winslet, who played the very same Ginny, tired of the monotonous routine. I also liked James Belushi as a drinker. For a long time it's time for him to return to the big cinema. Yes, and Justin Timberlake holds good. The young playwright in his performance is magnificent.

Of course, in some nuances, "Wonder Wheel" looks too improbable, but Woody Allen knew what he was doing when he brought a light romantic spirit into the picture, echoing frank invention. Look and marvel at the firmness of the hands of the maestro, who is not going to retire at all.

Terraria Online - Let's Play - Walkthrough

16. února 2018 v 0:11 |  Walkthrough

In this video, you can see the gameplay of Terraria game, to understand how to play it, learn some.

Discover New Aspects of the Minecraft Games

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Minecraft is one of the most successful computer games of our time. Thanks to the block type of the interface and the procedurally generated world, players can freely rebuild it, confining themselves only to their own.

Playing Minecraft in Browser online and improving it in any gamer, there is a desire to play together with other fans. You just need to go through a two-minute registration and download a launcher with mods, so that the long-familiar game opened to you from an unfamiliar and very exciting side.

The installation process usually takes no more than 5 minutes and the path to interesting features is open! The project administration is aimed at productive interaction with players, without limiting the latter by any methods. The rules of the game and the behavior on the servers are simple and fair. On each server, the default rule is to disable the pvp mode for two days. Experienced players can turn off this restriction at will.

Downloading the Minecraft launcher, players get access to a large number of different servers, on which each player will find an exciting way to spend his time. These servers are rightly considered the most magical on the Internet! The most popular of them are: Pixelmon, TechoMagic, SkytechnoMagik.

How to make a mod for Minecraft?

28. července 2017 v 17:40 |  Games

To make a modification yourself, you need to have at least basic information in the field of programming with the help of special applications. Mod can be made for jogos de Minecraft using the API and without it. API - a universal program that is intended for programming all sorts of utilities. Such a program will allow you to interact with ready-made functions, classes, structures.

Minecraft Forge - the most famous library for Minecraft mods creating.

Preparing to create a mod

  • Download the latest version of JAVA;
  • Install the JAVA SE Development Kit;
  • Find and download the Eclipse IDE for JAVA Developer on your computer. We take a copy of it and put it on the desktop;
  • Download Minecraft Forge and create an empty desktop folder;
  • Create a new folder on the desktop. After Eclipse starts, specify the created folder in the workspace role.

Creating mood

  • Create a base file, specify the name, version of the mod, ID;
  • Create a block and drop;
  • We generate blocks;
  • We make versatile structures;
  • Create a multi-block structure;
  • We manufacture items, instruments, tools.

Valerian Space Run Gameplay Walkthrough

28. července 2017 v 17:28 |  Walkthrough

HTML5 game based on a fantastic blockbuster of Luc Besson!
Play online here:

In this video, you can see the gameplay of Valerian Space Run game, to understand how to play it, learn some secrets or simply relax. Enjoy this!

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